Qatar Radio Sports Center: Promoting Wireless Sports and Youth Development

Qatar Radio Sports Center is a center affiliated with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, established by Resolution No. (132) on (11/12/2014). Our center is dedicated to promoting and developing remotely piloted wireless models, including radio planes, wireless cars, and radio cruisers.

Our strategic direction is focused on attracting Qatari youth from all over the country to participate in the events organized by the center. We aim to spread awareness about wireless sports and encourage wider participation.


Our vision is to contribute to the development of youth skills while devoting and supporting the elements of identity. We believe that wireless sports can play a significant role in nurturing the talents and abilities of young people.


Our mission is to develop wireless sports and elevate them to a professional level. We strive to achieve effective participation from different groups and raise the reputation of the State of Qatar in the field of wireless sports globally.

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