What We Offer

RC Pilot Training

Training on operating Remote-controlled aircraft safety guidelines and emergency procedures associated with the operation to issued wireless pilot license.

Training program


Training duration 1 Hour

General explanation on the composition of remotely, piloted aircraft systems, Assemble the Aircraft Remote Controller operations, ground control station as well as the local Operating Frequency and operating limitations and regulations

Virtual simulation program

Training duration 1 Hour

Practical training on Virtual simulation program on using a Remote Controller to train the applicant on Operating Maneuverings and emergency procedures in case of any system component failure

Operating under trainer observation

Training duration 16 Hour

Practical training on actual remotely piloted aircraft on Umm-Athnatine Airport Runway Accompanied and observation of the trainer, the operation is controlled with two remote controllers to be overridden by the trainer at any case, the training covers the Pre-flight checking list and take-off and landing procedures in addition to Operating Maneuvering

Testing and Licensing

After training the trainee will need to pass a test by the licensing department and that to validate the ability of the trainee of controlling the RPA as well as following the operating limitations and regulations.


After finishing the course, the trainee will be tast, to issue a wireless pilot license.


After passing a flight test the trainee gets an accredited certification from the Centre.

Note : Course fee does not include membership fees
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  • Personal Photo
  • ID photo Copy
  • Subscribe Fees 500QR for first year
  • Membership renewal 250QR per year
  • Training fees for fixed wing : 1500 QR
  • Training fees for Drone : 1000 QR