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Qatar R/C Sport Center (Bi-Copter)

Bi-Copter is a new funny-looking type of drones.. it’s actually a type of multi-rotor drones with 2 motors only mounted on 2 arms.
This design requires a special hardware & software settings. Tiltable motors are a must for control and manoeuvrability, also a proper firmware and precise parameters must be flashed to the flight controller for smooth flying. Bicobters might be suitable for applications that requires less weight or less stability (compared to quad, hexa & octo copters)
The” V-Copter falcon” is a great model of a bi-copter drone with a capability of 50 minutes endurance, GPS features and long-range transmission distance.
We at QRCSC worked on developing such type of multi-rotors since late 2017. Many designs, many programming settings, and LOTS of flights. Eventually, it flow just perfect J
Developing such hobby for member, kids and teenagers in particular, open lots of space for them to invent and think out of the box, it also widens their horizon and motivates their learning eagerness.

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22 – 25 Nov, 2023

Qatar International Pylon Race Meet

  • QRCSC Airfield, Qatar

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  • Dahl El Hamam Festival (February 2017)
    Our first public exhibition, and the largest in the middle east. All day long  shows for many R/C models.

  • Katara Festival (February 2018)
    Organised by QRCSC in Katara Cultural village, was the largest, most comprehensive R/C exhibition in middle east. R/C Airplanes (including sea-planes),  Cars & Boats were all running in there for 3 days. Also 17 tents where a Museum, Workshop, Kids activities, Ultralight aircrafts, Air tunnels, Simulators, and more were there.

  • Sealine Competition (March 2018)
    Where Sun, Sea & Sand are, QRCSC organized R/C Cars competition in Sealine dunes, where R/C cars hobbyists around Qatar all gathered to compete for the fastest, most skilled model driver

  • Aspire Festival (April 2018)
    Organized by QRCSC at Aspire Park, aiming to widen the mass base, reaching more audience to contribute developing the youth skills, raising public awareness

  • celebrations of National Day ( Darb El Saii) (2018-2019)
    Carrying out the ministry’s vision and social responsibility, QRCSC always takes part in the state celebrations, to enrich the same and reach more audience

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About QR/CSC Events And

Joint Projects

Carrying out the ministry’s vision and social responsibility, and enhancing the QRCSC strategic goals, we have managed joint projects with many entities and educational institutions, to share our expertise and potential in the field of unmanned activities. For example, following projects has been successfully carried out:

General Traffic Department

Tailoring a drone latest technology to help trafic patrols in detecting traffic jams & accidents in minimum time

Ministry of Defence

training elements of the armed forces on the use of R/C aircraft

Qatar University

Availing our airfield facilities and expertise to assist faculty of engineering students in their post graduation projects, related to aerial activities

Texas A&M

Joint project of First Aid drone delivery system