Who We Are

About Qatar R/C Sport Center

Our Mission:
We aim to develop R/C Sports in Qatar to a professional standard, encouraging Qatari youth participation to promote Qatar reputation in R/C field internationally, Raising awareness of security and privacy concerns, and best practices

Our Vision:
Developing & sharpening Qatari youth skills, dedicating and enhancing all Qatari identity elements, by developing the hobby to serve both modern and traditional heritage


Qatar R/C Sports Center aims to: –
– Raising the cultural, skill and awareness level of youth and empowering them through introducing them to R/C sport and its applications.
– Opening the way for the participation of people with special needs, unleashing their capabilities, and involving them at a rate of no less than 5% of the activity.
– Working to develop Rules regulating the practice of R/C flying with the state’s Authorities and coordinating with them, in a manner that achieves the highest Safety Rate for the Qatari airspace.
– Opening the way for women to practice hobby safely and responsibly and respect local privacy and culture.

About the activities of the center and its programs:
With the rapid development of technology for remote control hobbies and the diversity of its applications and the steady increase in the numbers of its practitioners, the need for a specialized center serving this promising sector of amateurs and professionals and organizing their use to suit the Qatari culture
Therefore, the establishment of the Qatar R/C  Sports Center, which is the first and only center of its kind in the State of Qatar, which exclusively serves R/C sports enthusiasts such as cars, boats and R/C aircraft
The Center provides many services to its members from training courses, entertainment, educational and competitive activities and various periodic celebrations.
The center has two Locations, the administrative Office  in the Duhail region, where registration and issuance of licenses, theoretical courses and administrative Services, and the airport in the region of Umm Thaintain on the North Road where members can practice their various hobbies
The Center also provides its services to civil society organizations such as universities in terms of assisting graduation projects for engineering colleges, and has also worked as a consultant to the Qatar Civil Aviation Authority in developing laws for Unmanned Aircrafts (RPAS), The QCAR 005 / 2017 regulations The First in the world set according to the recommendations of the JARUS organization